The Hypnotist Love Story

3rd book club!!!!

Confession: I’m listening to this one on audio book.

I’ve been hard core into crocheting and haven’t had time to read. Plus the stack of books on my night stand is overwhelming at the moment. Not to mention serving as an excellent cell phone holder over night. Can’t mess with that flow!

So my friend Sam and I are listening to this audio book. I hope you’ll join us in reading/listening and then chatting after. I can listen and crochet so I feel like I’m nailing this productivity thing.

I’m about halfway through and totally intrigued. Also starting to get to the point where I’m making predictions! Love that point in any story where you think you know but really you probably don’t!


      1. I love her! Except her very last book which I don’t remember. I thought she was getting a tad ridiculous in that one. But for the most part , I think she is writing perfection. If I could choose an author I want to write like, it would be her!! Feel free to discuss her books with me anytime!


      2. I love her twists! It might be this one that’s getting a bit ridiculous! I’m finding it hard to keep liking the stalker. Weirdest sentence ever! But yes her writing style is amazing. I got HBO just so I could watch Big Little Lies because I loved the book SO much!

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