All through elementary school I played all the sports. I loved softball, volleyball was fun because I didn’t suck, basketball was total torture but I played because my friends did and parents wouldn’t let me quit.

On one hand, I get why you don’t quit. On the other hand I was so terrible and miniature that there were literally games when EVERY SINGLE PLAYER made a basket except me. It was fine. It clearly wasn’t my sport. Actually I’m not sure I ever made a basket in a game… probably because I would foul out so fast they had to bench me. Clever little 7th grader I was.

Anyway when we started high school it was time to make a choice on what you wanted to participate in. It was not longer everyone plays everything. I tried softball but as I got older I didn’t have the competitive edge required to do well. Or the vision… have I mentioned I’m close to blind? But I had it all when it came to cheerleading and dance!

Yup I was a cheerleader. I’ve gone through phases after high school where it wasn’t “cool” and I laughed along with people. “I know you wouldn’t expect it from me right?” But guess what? I was the type. I am the type. I’m proud I was a cheerleader and a dancer because I was an athlete. Don’t even try to argue you will lose.

That desire to participate and do things doesn’t go away when you are an adult. The sports just change and instead of everyone getting a trophy (please stop that by the way) loser gets to buy the next round of drinks and winners get bragging rights. See your “everyone wins” thing goes away as an adult anyway. Might as well get used to it.

Before having Rylan I enjoyed all kinds of weird things. I love to golf. Like truly enjoy it, not just because my husband plays. I actually started playing with my grandpa before I even started dating my husband.

I liked to crochet. Okay I know that is NOT a sport I’m just throwing hobbies out there. I’m an avid reader. No genre is off-limits. Well that’s not entirely true but I’ll give anything a chance.

I enjoyed hiking with my mom and going for runs. Taking work out classes and being active.

Before kids I had time for all of these things and got 8 hours of sleep. That was almost 3 years ago!

Since having Rylan I have golfed one season of women’s league, read only a handful of books, and have crocheted nothing. But I have started this blog and that’s something! I’ve also kept my kid alive and mostly healthy. Calling it a win.

The whole point of this is that I want to do things again. Rylan is almost 3 and I’m finding that with Pat putting her to sleep at least every other night I have time again. What?!?!?! No way!

At first I was panicking… what to do with an extra hour or two at night? Aside from dishes?

Once the dishes are done and things are cleaned up here’s what I’ve been doing…. Whatever the crap I feel like doing! Life changing. Every night is different. I can read for a little bit, I can do some abs, I can crochet like an 80-year-old woman if I want to. Heck I can even sit outside and listen to the world move and guess what? Its amazing.

I’m enjoying hobbies again and it feels great. Once again for those of you who still think I should have more than one kid. NO. I’m enjoying my daughter growing and loving every phase at every time and now I’m even enjoying myself.