It’s here!!!!!!

Since it’s not the Niners or Raiders I don’t care as much. I’m torn between loving Gronk, hating the patriots, and yet hating the Eagles without Wentz.

Ultimately this game I’ll be rooting for numbers and players to win me some money! That mixed with being with friends and just having football to watch makes it a great day!

Pat is missed today. Every year he’s gone at the superintendent convention for golf. Which sucks ass because it’s not the same without him.

Rylan really doesn’t care so thankfully we are going to our friends house so she will be entertained and won’t notice when I inevitably drop a bad word. Still trying to watch my language but football is not the time for that.

Always a fan of a good underdog story so Go Eagles. Also Foles just won me over by mentioning his wife,daughter, and Dog in an interview.

Always a fan of Gronk so Go Patriots! Well… go Gronk!