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Happiness Is Relative — August 30, 2018

Happiness Is Relative

I read a post on Instagram a day or two ago and its stayed with me. Have you ever had that happen? Where you read something and like two or three days later you’re still annoyed by it?

I’m not the kind of person to comment on it and leave my opinion. Mostly because I don’t know this person so I’m sure they don’t care what I have to say, but also because I don’t want to be “troll”. Is that even the right word? I didn’t want to start a stupid argument over something that’s really just a difference of opinion.

Anyway back to the point. I follow the hash tag debtfreecommunity. I’m working on becoming debt free and want a better financial future that want is considered normal these days. This post said that they paid off all their debt and they weren’t happy. It was encouraging people to continue to live their lives and not to worry about paying off debt because it wont make you happy to be debt free.

Well no shit Sherlock!

Reason #3 I didn’t comment on the page…I have a lot to say about this!

Of course if you are a super unhappy person and depend on ANYTHING to make you happy, you wont be. Happiness is about perspective and gratitude and is something that you have to work at everyday. To expect that once you get all your debt paid off that angels are going to come sing for you and lift you up on a happiness cloud is ridiculous. YOU have to make yourself happy.

We are working our bums off to get out of debt and we really aren’t even in that bad! I can tell you when my car is paid off I will be the one singing and dancing and celebrating because I really will be so happy! Am I relying on it for my total happiness? Absolutely not! But its going to be a major bonus!

I’m also pretty dang happy with where we are now. We both make decent money and I was fortunate enough to have a job that let me come back an extra day occasionally. I am blessed to be able to teach Les Mills classes and get paid to work out. I’m happy that I get to spend time with my family and have great friends who understand when I say “No I can’t come out tonight I didn’t budget for it”.

That’s the magic word and I think that’s what this Instagram user had a problem with. If I had to guess anyway. I don’t know this person.

Getting out of debt is hard. You have to say no to things you want to do and things you really could afford. Depending on how you look at being able to afford things.

If you are using a credit card in the process we are in now you can’t afford it. For some people that doesn’t matter and good for you. I don’t have a problem with that cause its not my business. People use them then pay off the balance each month. I’d want to be able to pay cash for everything.

I can tell you that as of now I’m enjoying budgeting every paycheck down to the dollar and knowing what we can and can’t do. I get super excited when I budget and put money in savings or get to throw an extra $100 at the credit card or soon to be just my car payment. I love watching those balances drop!

Everyone is different just like every budget and financial goal is different. I just didn’t appreciate this person posting and discouraging people to become debt free. Its hard enough when we are all trying to stay positive and encourage each other. I don’t need the negative Nancy out there making things harder.

So to everyone on a budget with a goal just know you can do this! It will be worth it because you are worth it. You deserve the money you work for and shouldn’t have to give it away!

The Last Mrs. Parrish — August 17, 2018

The Last Mrs. Parrish

I’m not sure I have words for how intense this book was for me!

I don’t even like suspense that much anymore. I think the best I can compare it to is how I felt reading Gone Girl. Amazed that someone’s mind can work that way.

I’m kind of jealous of it. That someone is that creative and cunning but at the same time I’m terrified of it. Just like after watching the first Saw movie. (I only say the first one and watched it through my fingers and cried..not my genre AT ALL). I was horrified that someone’s mind created that. While these actions weren’t real they really came from a real person. I find it hard to sleep when I put too much thought into that.

Same way with The Last Mrs. Parrish. Because while it wasn’t a cold blooded murder book, it was a thought provoking, mind twisting, suspenseful book that left me questioning every person I’ve ever met.

Also wondering if something like this were happening to me how would I survive? Would I be so paralyzed in fear and disbelief that I wouldn’t be able to do anything? Would my survival instincts kick in and make my brain think crazy thoughts to get me out?

I’d like to think instincts would kick in but the whole time I was reading my only thought was “Oh my goodness I would just die”.  That can’t be good.

I’m sure factoring kids would change that. Obviously I’d do anything for Rylan. That’s a powerful instinct so I’m sure we’d manage but holy moly was I impressed with this whole book.

I highly recommend it and look forward to any conversations about the craziness that is this book! Now I need to go find something happy and cheery and super Romantic Comedy to bring me back to a normal state where I can trust everyone again! Suggestions?

Memes courtesy of Instagram #randomhousememes

Sounds like fun — August 9, 2018

Sounds like fun

“Yeah of course that sounds like fun”

“I really need to, this is a great way to get back to the gym”

“For sure! 45 minutes of me time is just what I need”

“Remind me and I’ll be there ”

No you won’t. The thing is I’m just now learning to be okay with it.

I’ve been teaching Les Mills fitness classes for a while now. Like years. I’m certified in 5 different programs. Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat, Tone, CX Worx, and am working on Body Jam now.

My mom and dad have been to my RPM class… I have a few friends who have been to a few classes. On average I get 1 acquaintance in my class a month. This is not including fellow instructors supporting each other. Although let’s be honest we could do a better job of that as well.

I invite people to my classes constantly. I send out texts, I tag people on Instagram, (I’m not getting Facebook even if my classes depend on it) and I bug people when I see them.

Here’s why I do it. Because I love these programs. I love how they make me feel and how awesome it is to be apart of something so awesome. I want to share that feeling.

I’m not saying you need to work out. I’m saying come have fun with me.

Also this thing that I do… getting up in front of people and coaching you through moves to give you endorphins and make you feel good while you do it to awesome music… it means something to me. It’s hard to get up in front of people and talk let alone coach and it makes me feel good to have people in my class who are there for me personally.

I know working out isn’t a priority to everyone and it’s hard to make it to the gym. So if you don’t want to go that’s fine, just say no. Guess what? I’ll STOP asking! I promise.

I have gotten better at not taking it personal when people don’t come but lately I’ve gotten a lot of people who say yes and act excited then don’t show up. For some reason lately it’s felt personal and I know it shouldn’t.

But the thing is. It is personal.

It’s a choice who we spend time with and how we spend it so every time I’m told yes and get bailed on, it’s a choice someone made. It’s a choice to not spend time with me.

Also I really appreciate it when people do come. I know we are all living a crazy busy life and things happen so when people actually make it I feel the love.

So I don’t take it personal every time and I am trying to be understanding of the busy schedules.  Just know if you think you wont make it, tell me so. I’m okay with maybe.  I’ll be super excited and surprised if you end up being able to come.

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