“Yeah of course that sounds like fun”

“I really need to, this is a great way to get back to the gym”

“For sure! 45 minutes of me time is just what I need”

“Remind me and I’ll be there ”

No you won’t. The thing is I’m just now learning to be okay with it.

I’ve been teaching Les Mills fitness classes for a while now. Like years. I’m certified in 5 different programs. Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat, Tone, CX Worx, and am working on Body Jam now.

My mom and dad have been to my RPM class… I have a few friends who have been to a few classes. On average I get 1 acquaintance in my class a month. This is not including fellow instructors supporting each other. Although let’s be honest we could do a better job of that as well.

I invite people to my classes constantly. I send out texts, I tag people on Instagram, (I’m not getting Facebook even if my classes depend on it) and I bug people when I see them.

Here’s why I do it. Because I love these programs. I love how they make me feel and how awesome it is to be apart of something so awesome. I want to share that feeling.

I’m not saying you need to work out. I’m saying come have fun with me.

Also this thing that I do… getting up in front of people and coaching you through moves to give you endorphins and make you feel good while you do it to awesome music… it means something to me. It’s hard to get up in front of people and talk let alone coach and it makes me feel good to have people in my class who are there for me personally.

I know working out isn’t a priority to everyone and it’s hard to make it to the gym. So if you don’t want to go that’s fine, just say no. Guess what? I’ll STOP asking! I promise.

I have gotten better at not taking it personal when people don’t come but lately I’ve gotten a lot of people who say yes and act excited then don’t show up. For some reason lately it’s felt personal and I know it shouldn’t.

But the thing is. It is personal.

It’s a choice who we spend time with and how we spend it so every time I’m told yes and get bailed on, it’s a choice someone made. It’s a choice to not spend time with me.

Also I really appreciate it when people do come. I know we are all living a crazy busy life and things happen so when people actually make it I feel the love.

So I don’t take it personal every time and I am trying to be understanding of the busy schedules.  Just know if you think you wont make it, tell me so. I’m okay with maybe.  I’ll be super excited and surprised if you end up being able to come.