I know there’s a lot of talk going on in our country right now about things being fair and what not. But let me tell you what’s not “fair”. Literally breaking into something and stealing from someone else.

It’s not just not “fair” it’s morally wrong. I don’t get it. For instance when Chaz or whatever the hell it was called in Seattle where they set up their own “safe zone” and put up walls (ironic morons) and said everything was for everyone there. How’d that turn out?! People getting shot over stupid things and when someone was robbed it was because “they needed it more”. What?! No.

I feel like my quotation buttons are going to be worn out by the end of this post but for goodness sake when is it time to pull our head out of our bum?! There’s a reason there are laws and a justice system that’s to be followed. Don’t get me wrong the system isn’t perfect but at this point the criminals should be thankful it’s there. Without the risk of jail time and all that, there’s nothing stopping business owners from taking matters into their own hands.

Abolish the police? Let’s flash back to the wild Wild West.. how does that sound? Sounds like people stealing and acting like immature little punks would have a much shorter life span.

I’m all about understanding the whole situation. Our county has a homeless problem. Yes it is problem. One I don’t have a solution for. Trust me it’s something I think about a lot. There’s actually an older podcast from Mind Pump and I’m pretty sure Sal solves the problem. Anyway I know there are people with serious needs that need serious help but moving them from one side of the highway to another isn’t good enough. It’s a bandaid on a bullet hole.

I grew up scared of my parents and grandparents. In a GOOD way! I knew if I messed up (and I did) there would be consequences (and there were!). It’s because my family CARED ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING. Making excuses and placating people isn’t helpful. It’s the reason San Francisco is such a giant LITERAL pile of shit. Because they put “feel good” laws in place protecting people’s rights to act like spoiled entitled little brats who know how much they can steal without going to jail.

What does that accomplish? Well for starters business will close down because who can afford to just give stuff away. Without the support of the police the choices are to be the police of your establishment (and go to jail because the laws are there to protect criminals. Not law abiding citizens) or close because you can’t afford to stay open. Good job San Francisco you should be proud. I’d come pat you on the back but I don’t want to step in poop since you’ve started allowing people to shit in the street.

Yet the laws are 100% designed to protect the criminal. The fact that someone can break into your house, get any injury, sue you, AND WIN, shows how far we’ve fallen from the point. It’s disgusting.

Which brings me back to my point. Making feel good laws doesn’t do anything for the actual citizens of this nation. I would help any number of people and consider my family to be extremely generous. If you ask for help I’d gladly give it or find someone who can. We have an amazing community overall. Let’s help each other. But break into my business and steal things? Have you thought about moving? I hear San Francisco is nice. Hell I’ll even drive you there. Let’s get a big bus and Ill pay for the gas to transport you stealing pieces of shit to go live in the amazing city of San Francisco.