Summer is truly rough for a pluviophile. especially here in The-Middle-Of-No-Where California. I know we don’t have it as bad as some but temps of 111 are just not okay with me. I’m the opposite of a witch, I melt in summer.

I could bag on how much I hate summer all day. I could say how proud it makes me when we’re driving and my 6 year old tells me she hates the sun. I’ll never forget driving her to Preschool and her asking me to “turn down the sun, it’s too much”. Future pluviophile in the making.

But my cousin and I just had a long conversation about how negative we are even without realizing it. At first I was thinking that it didn’t apply to me. I’m a generally happy person and I laugh a lot so I’m not negative. But the whole next day I paid attention to every thought and every word that came out of my mouth and you know what? I’m pretty negative! Sure I’m funny, but that’s just a coping mechanism and is usually at my own expense! What good is the humor when it’s just beating myself up?

So we are both paying attention to our own attitudes and let me tell you… it’s not easy! I feel like I’m retraining my brain. I’m also paying attention to the people in my life. How I feel when I leave them, see a text come through from them, get off the phone with them. Some conversations have me thinking “I don’t feel good energy in this conversation” or with that person. Just going to put a little distance and see how I feel.

My hope/goal is that all this will make me a more enjoyable, pleasant person to be around too. Not that I won’t have moments, we both texted each other saying “my mood was brought down today”. But we’ll try again tomorrow. And every day after that.

I had started this post earlier in the week. I had finished yet but when I woke up in the middle of the night I smelled rain! Yes rain!!! When we woke up Rylan and I sat outside bundled in a blanket. I had my kindle and she snuggled in my lap and fell asleep while it sprinkled on us both. It was so perfect and made my heart explode with happiness. That moment is what life is all about and what encourages me to be positive and spread that energy from this morning around.

Wishing everyone positive vibes only going into the week!