A few years back I did a blog post called “The Angry Receptionist”. I let loose on all the things receptionist think and how we feel. It was brutal. It was a bad day mixed with PMS and having just been verbally attacked by a patient. I let loose on all the things we joke about when no one is around and while its funny to joke about the reality of the situation is its not funny stuff. Don’t get me wrong I think I’m funny but when I wrote it things were different. The big bad C word has changed everything. (not the see you next Tuesday one, the other C word!).

I stand by everything I said in my rant. However these days things are so charged and its not a joking matter when people are calling and getting really angry at the receptionist. When we hang up the phone now its not a small joking matter over not getting a medication filled immediately (please for the love of Kayne call us 4-5 days in advance we are at the doctors mercy!). No, now its about people getting the test they need so their kids can go back to school or so they can go to work. Now its lively hood at stake and to most people the only thing standing in their way is the receptionist.

So I deleted the original Angry Receptionist post. I’m not caving to cancel culture, I don’t think anyone was trying to “cancel” me. I’m not really big enough to even be thought about (that’s not a reach or pity party, I don’t get paid to do this). I deleted it because I think people already feel receptionists are bitchy and rude. I didn’t need to prove them right.

So what I will add is that we are all under stress. There’s so much going on in the medical field right now that being nice to the receptionist goes a long long way! By the time you talk to the receptionist she’s probably already been yelled at 5+ times, been given orders about the doctors schedule 3 times, and is trying to do 14 different things. Talking to a nice person in the midst of all that immediately makes us grateful.

In the midst of the pandemic anyone in the medical field has gone from a selfless hero to a domestic terrorist over night. So on top of everything we’ve always done we are also dealing with that. I don’t give a flying rats butt about your view on the vaccine it is a choice everyone has to make for themselves so save it. I don’t care. I’m simply saying to keep in mind there’s more going on in every office than ever before and it’s emotionally draining. No matter where you stand. It’s a lot.

While the original Angry Receptionist was the only post that gained any attention and brought people to my site it had to go. Considering this page is a glorified diary I’m sure the internet will survive.