For the longest time I would have no problem buying books at all. I’d spend a small fortune at the local book store and then turn around and order more on Amazon. Thankful for my kindle or my husband might have left me for spending so much.

Then I discovered the library. *cue romantic music and birds chirping* its amazing and the Libby app is also fantastic. I’ve learned over time to managed my hold list and not request too many titles and end up with all these books and no time to read them all.

BUT there is still one problem. I read long books sometimes. Even The Discovery of Witches is a longer book. Let me add here that I’m not a fast reader. I read a lot because its all I do in any spare second I can steal. But I’m not a fast reader. Which means when I check out a book from the library I need to mentally prepare myself to read it in 21 days. Who set that limit? Is it based of average reading times for people? Who are these people who can read 500 pages in 21 days?

Truthfully I could read 500 pages in 21 days. But I would have to sacrifice something. Like sleep. I just started sleeping decently again, which means I’m able to wake up early and get my workout over with before the day starts. I like doing that. I feel more productive the whole rest of the day. I have more energy and am more pleasant to be around. Most of the time.

Since I started writing this post I’ve finished A Discovery of Witches. I loved it. It was a fantastic book and aside from my issue with the short lived Twilight vibes it was ignore laundry good. Not ignore your kids good though.

I started reading the second book… I can’t do it. Maybe if they came right back from 1590 but from the start of it and the summary that doesn’t seem likely. I want to know what happened but not as enough to read through a massive book from that time period!