I’ve been looking for some more book talk in my life. I’ve tried podcast and some online book clubs but it seems to me everything has an agenda. Every recommendation is laced with race, LGBTQ, or anti-Trump something or other. I can’t anymore.

So here is a space for people wanting recommendations on the story and how it made me feel. I’ll be honest and open to conversations.

I’m not the best at summarizing so I’ll give incredibly brief overviews and leave it to Goodreads, Amazon, and the publishers to give you the good details. So I guess I’ll jump right in and start with my Top 5 all time favorites.

There’s a chance this is a cliche by now but I don’t even care! This historical fiction follows two sisters through WWII. I loved both sisters for their very different personalities and was rooting for them so hard! It left me ugly face crying and feeling all the emotions. I recommend it to everyone


Between life and death there is a library and the books are the different lives you could have. The main character attempts suicide (dark but it’s overall hopeful I swear) but finds herself in the library. She chooses different books and gets to try the different lives she’d be living if she’d made different decisions. I think about this book all the time. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different and new outlooks on life. Great for book clubs


I think their are 8 books in this series. I flew through them and it felt like 1 gigantic book. It’s a young adult fantasy fiction. I can’t even give a description because each book blends together and it’s such a long emotional, empowering journey. I swear I drew strength from these books in the hardest time of my life. The friendships and love stories are brilliant. I recommend it to anyone who likes escaping to an entirely different world and wants that dig deep to find the hero within vibe.


Okay full disclosure I read this a long time ago. I know it was slow moving at first but it was so worth it! It’s one of those books I still think about certain parts of. Even if I don’t remember the whole thing.


To round out my top 5 I went with this lovely story about sisters. While watching the news one day a woman sees her sister in the back ground. Except her sister died in a train accident years ago. So she goes on a mission to find her. I don’t have siblings but I enjoyed reading about them and this whole story was touching, heart warming and heart breaking! I recommend it to anyone who loves family reads mixed with some mystery and happy endings.