I have never paid much attention to books that have won awards. Mostly because I didn’t know where to find them. But this year I’ve spend so much time on Goodreads that I actually voted! I have to admit I was super judgy too. I don’t know where this bitch inside me came from but I voted like I was someone special and couldn’t believe these books were nominated. Keeping in mind I’ve never written a book. Only a mediocre blog of my judgy opinions.

So here are my sanctimonious thoughts on the ones I actually voted for.

Historical Fiction.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ I adored this book so much. Loved the family dynamic and it’s connection to Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. However, I did not think of it as historical fiction…. Not as much as The Rose Code which should have won. Also nominated was Four Winds and if you go to my post Hard Pass you’ll see how I felt about that! Here’s a link to all the nominations for historical fiction.


A Court of Silver and Flames by Sarah J Maas ~ Wow I loved this super steamy series. This is the latest in the Court Of Thrones and Roses series and it is hooootttttt. It always makes me laugh when my sister in law asks for recommendations for her 13 year old cause I read fantasy fiction I have to remind her that my fantasy fiction choices have very real sex scenes. And lots of them. Here’s the list to the fantasy fiction nominees


People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry ~ Umm I didn’t actually vote on this category because I only read this one. I can’t believe it won because I didn’t enjoy it. It was a strange friends to lovers, mixed with some awkwardness. I think I had something different in mind because of the way it was presented but it for sure didn’t live up to what I was wanting it to be. I didn’t like how the time line bounced back and forth and had such higher expectations for it. Can’t imagine there wasn’t one better. Here’s the list of romance nominees

Memoir & Autobiography

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner ~ This book is the main reason I voted. I wanted her to win so badly that every email telling me to vote had me dropping whatever I was doing to vote. While still being a good employee. Kind of. But having suffered so much loss the last two years her story pulled at my heart strings. I feel like I need to put more thought into why I felt such a connection with her but in the meantime her story of losing her mother is one I recommend to anyone who loves biographies or has dealt with grief. I think because one of the lines hit home. She talks about how she’s okay and coping until she’s in H Mart surrounded by food she ate and cooked with her mom and she starts sobbing. That’s me. I’ll be dealing great and then something hits me and I fall apart. Here’s the full list of Memoir and autobiography

So I didn’t vote on the categories where I didn’t read anything. But if you have opinions on the winners and nominees I’d love to hear it! Always looking for good recommendations. Happy Freaking Friday