I love a good trilogy or series. It makes me happy to keep reading about characters I feel in love with in the first book. It goes without saying that the series everyone should read is Harry Potter so I’m not even going to get into that I could do a whole post on how amazing Harry Potter is. If you haven’t read that series… I can’t help you. Read it. Also the Throne of Glass series. Those two are my favorites of all time. Now on to other series that captured my heart.

I have to say I feel like a trilogy is the perfect length. A book to get me hooked, a second one to give me more of the story I love, and the last one to tie it altogether. That being said I love my long Sarah J Maas series more than any other book. Yes all of her series. Anything she writes really. Okay now for reals on to the other series.

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This trilogy was so good! A woman finds out her fiancé might not be dead and after finally starting to live her life again goes out to find to the truth. I loved this story because of the romance and suspense but what I loved the most was that each book is from a different persons perspective. If I remember right you get a little of that in each book, but majority one persons perspective. I love the “what if” questions. “What if you thought the love of your life was gone forever, only to find out he’s not”? That and everything that comes after is great in this trilogy.

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First of all how amazing is this cover? Pretty much in love with it. Almost as much as I loved this series. I was so attached to these characters that I felt like they betrayed me!!! Which as the story taught me “anyone can betray anyone”. Literal goosebumps. Of course there’s a love story and tragedy and can I just say Evangeline is goals. She’s not the main character and yet she’s my favorite.

In a world of people separated by those with powers (silver blooded) and those without (red bloods) there’s a girl who defies it all. A red blood with lightning power. I’ve already explained I don’t do recaps well so click the link above to get the description of this amazing series. But do it. Seriously. It’s great!

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This book gave me so much joy! A glimpse into a man’s head and into the inner conversations at boys night? Sign me up!! I’m still working on this series but love it so much. A marriage is in trouble and a baseball stud finds himself getting advice from his bros in the form of book club. My favorite things… sports, men, and romance novels. If only I could get men to read this series!

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I already listed the Throne of Glass series as my favorite reads you can check that out HERE so I will give more info on Thorns and Roses now.

My oh my this series has everything!! Friendship, family, enemies to lovers, a twist in the enemies to lovers, and the steamy scenes are beyond steamy. When I first read this I thought it was a Young Adult series. It is not. At least I don’t want my daughter to be reading this when she is a young adult. It made me blush and I’m a 35 year old adult. Not the first book but for sure the second one.. and every book after that.

Steamy scenes aside the family dynamic here is great. Both the blood related family and the ones that are created. I fell in love with each and every character. Even the ones I love to hate, and there are a few of those through out this series.

The latest book as of now was not one I was looking forward to but I am so glad I read it. This series is not for everyone and I’ve seen quite a few mixed reviews.

If you decide to go for it please read at least through the second book. The first one is my least favorite of them all but its necessary to the rest of the series and once you’re invested you don’t even care about the first book.