Part of my grief this year has manifested itself in the form of hoarding. I talked about it in my tired post but I have made huge progress purging things in the last two weeks. My daughters room is clean! I can do a cartwheel in my living room. Okay maybe not a cartwheel because our house is small but there’s more than just a path.

Not only am I cleaning out my physical space, I’ve unsubscribed to more email lists than I can count. Nothing reminds you of how much junk email you get than the holiday promotion emails! UNSUBSCRIBE. To them, not to me! I don’t write enough to bug you and I’m not selling anything.

I also discovered Story Graph . It connected to my Goodreads account and put all the information in. Books I read, my TBR, and I think my reviews although I didn’t check that cause I’ve started posting them here. People like it better because its not owned by Amazon? I think? I don’t care either way but I like that it gives different descriptions its supposed to give amazing recommendations based on your reviews of other books. That’s why I downloaded it.

When everything connected I realized I had like 200 books on my To Be Read list. That’s absurd. Once I saw this list I started thinking of how I choose my next read and it occurred to me that I choose what I’m going to read based on my mood and what I feel like reading. Not what has been on the list longest, or the newest release, or even what has been recommended to me. I’m not in a real book club that has to read the same books and our Literary Society discusses all books so we don’t have to read anything specific.

So I pulled up the Story Graph app and cleared my TBR list. Deleted the whole thing. I feel so light and fresh and not at all panicky that I don’t have any idea what to read next. Maybe a little panicky. But the fact that Story Graph makes good suggestions and I have the community at to ask for help if I need it, puts me at ease a little bit. Also the safety net of knowing its till on Goodreads. Baby steps.

So how do you choose what to read next? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.