Yup talking about grief again. A little bit. Then we’ll talk about my deep love for rain. The year of 1st’s is coming to an end. We made it family and I’m so wildly grateful for each and every one of our family members! Special shout out to my lumberjack husband for putting up with me and being supportive. If I listed all the amazing things he does for me every woman out there would hate me. Seriously he’s like something out a book. Except he chews, he had to have one flaw. But as this year comes to an end I’ve been sad. Its been weighing on me and I’m back to not sleeping again.

This morning I woke up to rain. Instantly I was in a better mood. I felt lighter some how. Now, I’m aware most of that lighter feeling is because I’ve been praying a lot and God is taking care of me. But here’s what else it is. The sound of rain is extremely calming. It relaxes me, and brings a peace that I can’t find anywhere else. That sound is what I like to put on our sound machine and go to sleep to but in all honesty there’s nothing like the real thing.

I don’t like to be cold but I do enjoy bundling up. I love a good jacket that I can go out in the rain and not get wet in. I bought new rain boots this year and while they are the ugliest thing I think I’ve ever owned (the color was NOT as advertised. Yellow is not the same as baby vomit brown yellow) I love them. I love running out to my truck and not getting wet but feeling the rain surround me. Being warm out in cold weather is strangely refreshing. Plus, how amazing is it when you’ve been out in the cold and you come in to a warm house? You know you love it.

Another reason I love the rain is that the whole world feels like its getting a shower. Its cleansing. Sure there’s mud puddles but lets change that perspective too. You could look at it as a nasty, dirty mud puddle. OR you could look at it as a little kid does. Like nothing would make you happier than splashing in it. I don’t actually want to splash in it but I appreciate that through a kids eyes its not something to be annoyed by but instead something incredibly fun that could make the best memory.

The smell when it rains and right after should be bottled up and sold to pluviophiles everywhere. There is something so comforting about it. It smells like a fresh start.

The fog in our area the last few weeks was pretty intense. I can’t say I love fog that heavy but I do love when its overcast because it feels like our little town is under a blanket. It feels like a hug for our tiny town in the mountains. Like the weather is telling us everything is going to be okay. Until the wind kicks up and knocks the power out and ruins everyone’s day. But that’s not the weather I’m in love with.

But to be fair I really am in love with all the weather. I love the change in weather. How our town gets all 4 seasons even if fall doesn’t last as long as I want it to, and spring gets too hot too fast. I love when I’m just starting to crave the sun, it comes out and the warmth is refreshing somehow. That only lasts a short time and then I’m ready for the rain again but still the change is welcome.

Rylan and Pat both love the winter and rain too. A small family of Pluviophiles. Pretty special when its a Sunday football day and its raining out. We settle into our routines and somehow everything feels peaceful. I’m choosing not to remember all 3 eighty pound dogs running from the back yard through the house. Nope. Just focusing on the steaming cup of coffee, the fireplace going, my warm book blanket my mom gave me, and the book in my hands.