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3/15/21 I just finished The Cookbook Club by Beth Harbison and truly enjoyed it. It was a great easy listen and made me want to dive back into cooking. I love books that inspire us to do things or get back into things we’ve taken for granted. Part of the reason I loved this book is because I have most of the cookbooks that were mentioned so not only did I know the books I knew the recipes they would reference which made me feel a little more attached to the story. Like I was actually there with them considering I’d made some (certainly not all) of the same foods they were describing.

I’m still in the middle of A Court of Silver and Flames. I really like it but I’m wishing I would have waited to read the whole series together. I think there was too much time (and too many book) in between the last book of the series and this one. I have just now realized I like to read the whole series back to back to back. I don’t like to wait. I feel like I lost the momentum and the attachment to the characters. I’m just now getting it back and remembering how much I loved it so I’m sure it will fly by now. Bonus: I learned something about my reading life I didn’t know before.

3/4/21 So I normally have 3 books going at once. Right now I only have two but I’m reading my Bible every morning. For the first time in my life I’m reading through the Bible. Since I had never done it I didn’t know where to start and a friend recommended to me that I start with this Bible app and podcast. You read sections every day and then listen to an 8 min podcast that recaps what you’ve read. It reads through the Bible in chronological order.

I’m loving it. Except I suck at it! It has these tools to help keep you on track. I’m on 90 days of doing it. Which would be great if I wasn’t 125 days behind schedule. It would be easy to feel bad about myself except I have a group of God loving friends who reminded me I’m 90 days ahead of what I’ve ever been! Which means I’m actually proud of myself. Not to mention if you’ve ever read the Bible in chronological order you know… it’s hard! But our God is good and totally worth it!