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Can We Be Friends? — January 16, 2022

Can We Be Friends?

When I read I like to be completely submerged in the story. I like to feel like I’m apart of that world. I think its the commercial for Audible where the people are sitting in a lawn chair or at a desk with their headphones on and after a moment the world around them changes like they are in the story. Its my favorite commercial and I like commercials. Yup I said it. I’m a fan of SOME commercials. Sadly you have to watch them all to get the good ones.

Anyway, those are my favorite stories. But it goes beyond that for some books. There are stories and characters I read about and think “I think we would be best friends” or sometimes “my goodness, I’d love to hang out with these people/characters”. Sometimes its surprising the ones I want to hang out with. Its not always the main character. Those are my favorites.

The Thirteen~ from Throne of Glass. They are terrifying and amazing and they are fiercely loyal to each other. It’s something to strive for in friendships. I also like the idea of being so powerful. I’d like to be one of them not just be a human who’s friends with them. Although I’d take what I can get.

Ravenclaw House~ from Harry Potter. Thats right I’d be a Ravenclaw and I’m proud of it. I believe Luna Lovegod was in RavenClaw and I love her. She’s quirky and weird but has really gone through some stuff in life and I feel like we’d be good friends.

Evelyn Hugo~ from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Tell me you don’t want to hang out with her and I’ll call you a liar. She seemed so fabulous and fun!! But I think both sides of her seemed awesome. When she was in glamours mode and staying low at home.

Daisy Jones & the Six ~ yup the whole band. I want to be on tour with them. I want to be apart of it all. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. I’m not a drug girl so I’m not saying I’d participate in all the shenanigans but I’d love to hang out in that time period and see it all. Going on tour with them would be a bucket list trip of a lifetime.

The Other Einstein~ by Marie Benedict I don’t actually want to meet Albert Einstein. After reading this book I’m convinced he was a total jackass. I want to be friends with his first wife. The forgotten one. I want to shake her and tell her to stay away from him. Keep studying and even though it feels like it wouldn’t matter then it really will one day. This book was interesting to me. I know it’s not a memoir of her but I could all of it being real.

I’m extremely blessed to have the group of friends and even really great acquaintances. My freak life group of people is very close to being as exciting as the characters in my books. I love that I get to spend time with both!

A Year In The Trenches — December 30, 2021

A Year In The Trenches

As the 1 year anniversary of Nana passing approaches I have a ton of feelings. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my child is “emotional” when she comes from me. But as we get closer to 1 year I can feel things shift. I stand by my post that things don’t get easier but I will concede that it does change. Some feelings still sucker punch me and knock the wind out of me, but that sharp jagged edge is slowly starting to feel like a deep ache.

There are so many quotes and sayings about living with grief and they are all true. My friend as work brought me flowers and a card for this 1 year anniversary and the front of the card says “Grief, like a wave has a rhythm of its own”. I knew this was from Hallmark before I even turned over the card! Well said Hallmark, well said. And thank you Jess! It really does have a rhythm of its own and every person marches to a different beat. Yup I just hit you with some old time sayings right there.

We made it through the year of firsts. This year was brutal however, I can’t brag about my family and my husband enough. I thank God every night for having such an amazing family surrounding me. Ask Rylan, she’ll tell you we pray every night. We ask God to say hi to Nana, and other family members who have passed and all our animals. Seriously Rylan doesn’t even let me miss one animal.

Its because of this family that I’ve been able to make it through okay. We made sure we stuck with the important traditions and were all present with each other. We made sure to bring joy to the events even when it would have been easy to give up and hide under a the covers. I truly feel like the way we came together this year is going to make the future easier to get through. If nothing else it will be easier because we know we can do it. Not only can we get through it, we can do it in style (thank you Aunt Patty!).

This aching inside will never go away. I know that there will always be a simmer of grief that will crank up and send that fire through me when I least expect it. But I’m confident in the tools that Nana gave us to get through it. I doubt she planned to raise us all this good just so we could get through life without her but then again I wouldn’t have expected anything less. She did after all have her plot and headstone in place long before anyone was even a little sick. The woman was full of surprises.

Some things I’ve learned this past year in my grief. I couldn’t quite put this into words but James Clear could! He said “you have no responsibility to live up to someone else’s expectation of you. Spend as little time as possible chasing other people’s preferences instead of your own”. Not everyone understands grief. I used to be that person and let me tell you, until you go through it you have no clue. Grief is not a one size fits all and sometimes it was hard for me to express what I was feeling and “grief” didn’t seem to cut it. It wasn’t a good enough reason to not hang out in a group, not workout, or not do things I once enjoyed. But to me it was.

I’ve learned to send the text, make the call, do the things. If you feel an urge to reach out to someone… do it. I believe God communicates with us if we listen and talk to him enough. So when someone pops in my head for what seems like no reason I try and reach out. There could be a reason that has nothing to do with me so but I put that faith in him.

I learned that while you have to work hard you have to play too. Nana always lead by example in that regard and she always was going on trips with us or her friends. She had a great and super fun group of friends. But she didn’t get to enjoy her retirement the way I wish she would have. I know there’s no point in the “I wish” game but I wish her and Papa got to spend some time just living. Basically I wish we had more time with her.

I was surprised to see I was never angry. Not in the way I feel like a lot of people get angry. I was irritable in general and snappy but it wasn’t like I was angry at God. Do I feel like its not fair that she’s gone? Absolutely! But I believe our God is good and I don’t think he took her on purpose to hurt us. So why be angry about it.

I don’t make new years resolutions. In the past I’ve made statements like “I want to say yes more” or “I don’t want to be a flake anymore”. I did good when I had something to focus on for the year. This year I’m going to make better choices. With everything from friendship to eating and working out. NO not like an “I’m going to lose weight” resolution. I think where we are at in life is the result of a million little choices we’ve made that lead us to where we are. Its up to us to make choices to get where we want to be. This year I want to make better choices. All around I want every choice I make to be because its truly 100% what I want. Or what I want to get me to where I want to be. So my “resolution” this year is to be unapologetically selfish. While still being kind of course.

I write a lot about grief but if you’re wanting more or needing more please check out this website really great information and I can’t get enough of this page.

It’s Raining!!! — December 22, 2021

It’s Raining!!!

Yup talking about grief again. A little bit. Then we’ll talk about my deep love for rain. The year of 1st’s is coming to an end. We made it family and I’m so wildly grateful for each and every one of our family members! Special shout out to my lumberjack husband for putting up with me and being supportive. If I listed all the amazing things he does for me every woman out there would hate me. Seriously he’s like something out a book. Except he chews, he had to have one flaw. But as this year comes to an end I’ve been sad. Its been weighing on me and I’m back to not sleeping again.

This morning I woke up to rain. Instantly I was in a better mood. I felt lighter some how. Now, I’m aware most of that lighter feeling is because I’ve been praying a lot and God is taking care of me. But here’s what else it is. The sound of rain is extremely calming. It relaxes me, and brings a peace that I can’t find anywhere else. That sound is what I like to put on our sound machine and go to sleep to but in all honesty there’s nothing like the real thing.

I don’t like to be cold but I do enjoy bundling up. I love a good jacket that I can go out in the rain and not get wet in. I bought new rain boots this year and while they are the ugliest thing I think I’ve ever owned (the color was NOT as advertised. Yellow is not the same as baby vomit brown yellow) I love them. I love running out to my truck and not getting wet but feeling the rain surround me. Being warm out in cold weather is strangely refreshing. Plus, how amazing is it when you’ve been out in the cold and you come in to a warm house? You know you love it.

Another reason I love the rain is that the whole world feels like its getting a shower. Its cleansing. Sure there’s mud puddles but lets change that perspective too. You could look at it as a nasty, dirty mud puddle. OR you could look at it as a little kid does. Like nothing would make you happier than splashing in it. I don’t actually want to splash in it but I appreciate that through a kids eyes its not something to be annoyed by but instead something incredibly fun that could make the best memory.

The smell when it rains and right after should be bottled up and sold to pluviophiles everywhere. There is something so comforting about it. It smells like a fresh start.

The fog in our area the last few weeks was pretty intense. I can’t say I love fog that heavy but I do love when its overcast because it feels like our little town is under a blanket. It feels like a hug for our tiny town in the mountains. Like the weather is telling us everything is going to be okay. Until the wind kicks up and knocks the power out and ruins everyone’s day. But that’s not the weather I’m in love with.

But to be fair I really am in love with all the weather. I love the change in weather. How our town gets all 4 seasons even if fall doesn’t last as long as I want it to, and spring gets too hot too fast. I love when I’m just starting to crave the sun, it comes out and the warmth is refreshing somehow. That only lasts a short time and then I’m ready for the rain again but still the change is welcome.

Rylan and Pat both love the winter and rain too. A small family of Pluviophiles. Pretty special when its a Sunday football day and its raining out. We settle into our routines and somehow everything feels peaceful. I’m choosing not to remember all 3 eighty pound dogs running from the back yard through the house. Nope. Just focusing on the steaming cup of coffee, the fireplace going, my warm book blanket my mom gave me, and the book in my hands.

December Reading — December 19, 2021

December Reading

December is crazy busy for everyone. Add to it my daughter birthday and I’m the hot mess express. But of course I make time for reading. It relaxes me so I will not apologize! I am posting this before the end of the month because this is all I’ll be able to finish before the New Year.

Here’s what my month looked like.

Goodreads Link

Sparks Like Stars by Nadia Hashimi Wow. Just was not expecting to like this book. Honestly it was a book club read for an online club that tends to be way too liberal for my tastes so I was hesitant to read it. But it was one of those titles I kept seeing and had read the description so many times but something about it finally caught my attention. I decided to listen on audio and liked the narrators voice a lot.

This is a story of a girl from Afghanistan who lost her family when she was around 7 years old when communist stage a coup. She was smuggled out of her home and into the arms of an American diplomat who ends up adopting her and raising her. She ends up a world renowned surgeon and above all else a survivor. I really thought this was going to be a political read and I was going to roll my eyes and give up listening. I didn’t. The story is amazing and I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her home and culture without feeling like it was huge bash on America. It was emotional and while I cried many times it left me feeling hopeful and grateful for my family.

Goodreads Link

Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore ~ No. Just no. It started out so good and I’ve had a good run of great reads. This put an end to that killer run.

Oona turns 18 and wakes up in a much older body, in a giant house, where her friend explains to her that her adult life is lived out of order. Every New Year at midnight she will time travel and live that whole year a different age.

The first 1/4 of the book I enjoyed. I liked the time traveling aspect and thought Oona was a fun character (took it too far with a whole year of drugs but you know to each their own). But then it just got weird and the time travel didn’t make sense and I just wanted it to be over. There was a massive twist I did NOT see coming but it wasn’t a good one that makes everything make sense. It was all uncomfortable for me. I didn’t hate it but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Goodreads Link

Everything Happens For A Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler ~ So this started out a little rough for me. I was unsure where it was going in regards to religion. I was born and raised Christian and have a pretty strong belief system. When the book starts out and talks about faith I was worried. But overall I enjoyed this book. I loved reading about her experience and the way she includes her mental responses made me giggle because I feel the same way. My husband has had thyroid cancer 3 times now. This book puts feelings and thoughts we’ve had into words so well I want to send a copy of it to everyone. I’m aware its very different being the wife of someone with cancer and being the patient with cancer. But it all sucks. Cancer sucks.

Goodreads Link

Always In December by Emily Stone ~ I listened to this on audio while at work. Now if you’ve read or listened to that you know that means I ended this book a sobbing mess. Yes at my desk trying to pretend I’m not crying my eyes out. I don’t always read what the book is about before I start it. Sometimes I see what it was recommended with or the “because you read this…” section. I was not prepared.

It started out such a wonderful meet cute and then he ghosted her. Its got strong Serendipity vibes with heartwarming and gut wrenching twists. I laughed, I cried, I’m emotionally exhausted and need a cocktail. Excuse me while I go and watch How I Met Your Mother to recover from this book.

Oh, did I mention that I really liked the book? I did. All things considered I enjoyed it. I’d recommend it to a friend who likes romantic comedy but also is in the need for a good ugly face cry.

Goodreads Link

The Family by Naomi Krupitsky ~ this was a Book Of The Month book that my mother in law picked and I took from her. I wasn’t sure what to expect but give me a story about two best friends and I’m in. Even better when it’s two best friends in an Italian Mafia family. These two have a bond so freaking strong I love it!

It started out so strong and then got a little slow for me. But I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the mafia Family and the loyalty that comes with it. I used about 8 book darts on it and I haven’t done that since I read Atomic Habits. I recommend this to anyone who like character driven stories. I think I need a fantasy action story next.

Goodreads Link

I listened to his on audio and at first I had a really hard time with it. The grandmother and granddaughter relationship was hard to listen to because it made me think of Nana and I. Although this grandma seems to take more advice from her granddaughter than Nana ever did from me. But I’m glad I powered through.

This grandmother and granddaughter switch houses and its charming and adorable and exactly what you’d expect. I love the way both of them are finding themselves at such different ages and truly appreciated listening to a storyline of a 79 year old lady. I feel like I’m an old soul and really did enjoy her perspective. The old people of the town are my favorite and gave me Gilmore Girls/ Stars Hallow vibes. If this were a real place I’d live there. Both Starts Hallow and the town in the book. Great audio to round out my year.

Goodreads Link

This is for the online book club Modern Mrs Darcy. I loved the What Should I Read Next Podcast for so long but I just can’t get behind so many of her guests recommending books because of an authors skin color or just because the author is a woman or of a certain sexuality. So while I don’t listen as much as I used to I do still like to see the book club forum on the website. Lots of good conversations on there too even though I don’t read a lot of the stuff they recommend.

I haven’t finished this one but I think its going to take me a while. Its the kind of book I like to read over coffee and only read in the morning as a motivation of sorts.

CLEARED THE TBR — December 16, 2021


Part of my grief this year has manifested itself in the form of hoarding. I talked about it in my tired post but I have made huge progress purging things in the last two weeks. My daughters room is clean! I can do a cartwheel in my living room. Okay maybe not a cartwheel because our house is small but there’s more than just a path.

Not only am I cleaning out my physical space, I’ve unsubscribed to more email lists than I can count. Nothing reminds you of how much junk email you get than the holiday promotion emails! UNSUBSCRIBE. To them, not to me! I don’t write enough to bug you and I’m not selling anything.

I also discovered Story Graph . It connected to my Goodreads account and put all the information in. Books I read, my TBR, and I think my reviews although I didn’t check that cause I’ve started posting them here. People like it better because its not owned by Amazon? I think? I don’t care either way but I like that it gives different descriptions its supposed to give amazing recommendations based on your reviews of other books. That’s why I downloaded it.

When everything connected I realized I had like 200 books on my To Be Read list. That’s absurd. Once I saw this list I started thinking of how I choose my next read and it occurred to me that I choose what I’m going to read based on my mood and what I feel like reading. Not what has been on the list longest, or the newest release, or even what has been recommended to me. I’m not in a real book club that has to read the same books and our Literary Society discusses all books so we don’t have to read anything specific.

So I pulled up the Story Graph app and cleared my TBR list. Deleted the whole thing. I feel so light and fresh and not at all panicky that I don’t have any idea what to read next. Maybe a little panicky. But the fact that Story Graph makes good suggestions and I have the community at to ask for help if I need it, puts me at ease a little bit. Also the safety net of knowing its till on Goodreads. Baby steps.

So how do you choose what to read next? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

Series Worth The Commitment — December 12, 2021

Series Worth The Commitment

I love a good trilogy or series. It makes me happy to keep reading about characters I feel in love with in the first book. It goes without saying that the series everyone should read is Harry Potter so I’m not even going to get into that I could do a whole post on how amazing Harry Potter is. If you haven’t read that series… I can’t help you. Read it. Also the Throne of Glass series. Those two are my favorites of all time. Now on to other series that captured my heart.

I have to say I feel like a trilogy is the perfect length. A book to get me hooked, a second one to give me more of the story I love, and the last one to tie it altogether. That being said I love my long Sarah J Maas series more than any other book. Yes all of her series. Anything she writes really. Okay now for reals on to the other series.

Goodreads For More Info

This trilogy was so good! A woman finds out her fiancé might not be dead and after finally starting to live her life again goes out to find to the truth. I loved this story because of the romance and suspense but what I loved the most was that each book is from a different persons perspective. If I remember right you get a little of that in each book, but majority one persons perspective. I love the “what if” questions. “What if you thought the love of your life was gone forever, only to find out he’s not”? That and everything that comes after is great in this trilogy.

Goodreads For More Info

First of all how amazing is this cover? Pretty much in love with it. Almost as much as I loved this series. I was so attached to these characters that I felt like they betrayed me!!! Which as the story taught me “anyone can betray anyone”. Literal goosebumps. Of course there’s a love story and tragedy and can I just say Evangeline is goals. She’s not the main character and yet she’s my favorite.

In a world of people separated by those with powers (silver blooded) and those without (red bloods) there’s a girl who defies it all. A red blood with lightning power. I’ve already explained I don’t do recaps well so click the link above to get the description of this amazing series. But do it. Seriously. It’s great!

Goodreads For More Info

This book gave me so much joy! A glimpse into a man’s head and into the inner conversations at boys night? Sign me up!! I’m still working on this series but love it so much. A marriage is in trouble and a baseball stud finds himself getting advice from his bros in the form of book club. My favorite things… sports, men, and romance novels. If only I could get men to read this series!

Goodreads Link For Info

I already listed the Throne of Glass series as my favorite reads you can check that out HERE so I will give more info on Thorns and Roses now.

My oh my this series has everything!! Friendship, family, enemies to lovers, a twist in the enemies to lovers, and the steamy scenes are beyond steamy. When I first read this I thought it was a Young Adult series. It is not. At least I don’t want my daughter to be reading this when she is a young adult. It made me blush and I’m a 35 year old adult. Not the first book but for sure the second one.. and every book after that.

Steamy scenes aside the family dynamic here is great. Both the blood related family and the ones that are created. I fell in love with each and every character. Even the ones I love to hate, and there are a few of those through out this series.

The latest book as of now was not one I was looking forward to but I am so glad I read it. This series is not for everyone and I’ve seen quite a few mixed reviews.

If you decide to go for it please read at least through the second book. The first one is my least favorite of them all but its necessary to the rest of the series and once you’re invested you don’t even care about the first book.

Mom Of The Year — December 10, 2021

Mom Of The Year

When I was pregnant I read all the parenting books. Okay, most of the parenting books. Okay two. I read two parenting books. But one I hated and couldn’t finish and the other I became obsessed with. French parenting. Yup I posted about it on here a million years ago. I was in love with it and even my dahling husband thought it was great. Even though he said it all seemed like common sense and kept insisting we weren’t French. We are absolutely French.

Rylan is 7 now. Can I just say that no book can help me now? No book could have prepared me for the chaotic morning of getting homework done, breakfast ready, the “comfort cat” she needs to always have with her, the candy gram fundraiser (side note to whoever planned that shit…you’re a dick), the look of betrayal on my kids face when she realizes we’re going to be late to school or the tears at drop off.

I’ve made huge efforts this year to prep the night before. The book Atomic Habits has been atomically life changing. This week I forgot to prep. Okay I didn’t “forget” but I was exhausted the night before and we went to sleep. This just ruined our morning and left me dropping off my daughter with her in tears, and me driving away also in tears. She’s alway liked things a certain way. Her teacher described her as a “perfectionist who likes everything done her way. But don’t worry she’s shocking still making friends”. So when she realized how scattered we were and that she was going to ruin her perfect attendance record by being late the tears came quick.

Add to this shit storm the fact that there’s a fundraiser for some camp or other where they sent home “candy grams” for $1 you could send a candy gram to your friends. So naturally my perfectionist wants to know what happens if she doesn’t get one. We don’t believe in participation trophies in this house so I was trying to teach a life lesson. “We’ll little duck you might not” to which she responded in sobbing tears. Great one mom. I’ll be accepting my mom of the year award any time. There better be a sash and tiara.

But honestly she might not!! You know there’s going to be some kid who doesn’t get one. But instead of comforting my kid I said the truth and then when she was upset I dug in harder with the excellent life lessons. “It’s going to be okay. If you don’t get one, who cares! The next day it’s your birthday and you’ll bring cupcakes and no one will even remember the candy gram”. I may have slipped in an “everyone can suck it” type of phrase, I’m not sure. I’m on fire this week guys.

The comfort cat. Oh that furry little bastard. Her friends all still bring little toys and animals and stuff so it’s not weird (yet) that she brings her stuffed animal cat to school. But when we forget it it’s the end of the world.

Let me just say that I love my kid more than anything. Nothing is more heart breaking than sending your kid to school sobbing and having to pull her little arms off you and give her a push to go to class. All while trying not to break down in tears myself.

To answer the same question my mom asked. No, I didn’t go get the comfort cat and bring it to school. I had to get to work and as we’ve already established I’m not a good mom. Although I do think I was being a better mom by but not getting. She came home and said she had a great day at school and was totally fine. No permanent harm done. To her. I on the other hand am traumatized and talking to my therapist about mommy issues. Only the mom in my issues….. is me.

Goodreads Awards —

Goodreads Awards

I have never paid much attention to books that have won awards. Mostly because I didn’t know where to find them. But this year I’ve spend so much time on Goodreads that I actually voted! I have to admit I was super judgy too. I don’t know where this bitch inside me came from but I voted like I was someone special and couldn’t believe these books were nominated. Keeping in mind I’ve never written a book. Only a mediocre blog of my judgy opinions.

So here are my sanctimonious thoughts on the ones I actually voted for.

Historical Fiction.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ I adored this book so much. Loved the family dynamic and it’s connection to Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. However, I did not think of it as historical fiction…. Not as much as The Rose Code which should have won. Also nominated was Four Winds and if you go to my post Hard Pass you’ll see how I felt about that! Here’s a link to all the nominations for historical fiction.


A Court of Silver and Flames by Sarah J Maas ~ Wow I loved this super steamy series. This is the latest in the Court Of Thrones and Roses series and it is hooootttttt. It always makes me laugh when my sister in law asks for recommendations for her 13 year old cause I read fantasy fiction I have to remind her that my fantasy fiction choices have very real sex scenes. And lots of them. Here’s the list to the fantasy fiction nominees


People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry ~ Umm I didn’t actually vote on this category because I only read this one. I can’t believe it won because I didn’t enjoy it. It was a strange friends to lovers, mixed with some awkwardness. I think I had something different in mind because of the way it was presented but it for sure didn’t live up to what I was wanting it to be. I didn’t like how the time line bounced back and forth and had such higher expectations for it. Can’t imagine there wasn’t one better. Here’s the list of romance nominees

Memoir & Autobiography

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner ~ This book is the main reason I voted. I wanted her to win so badly that every email telling me to vote had me dropping whatever I was doing to vote. While still being a good employee. Kind of. But having suffered so much loss the last two years her story pulled at my heart strings. I feel like I need to put more thought into why I felt such a connection with her but in the meantime her story of losing her mother is one I recommend to anyone who loves biographies or has dealt with grief. I think because one of the lines hit home. She talks about how she’s okay and coping until she’s in H Mart surrounded by food she ate and cooked with her mom and she starts sobbing. That’s me. I’ll be dealing great and then something hits me and I fall apart. Here’s the full list of Memoir and autobiography

So I didn’t vote on the categories where I didn’t read anything. But if you have opinions on the winners and nominees I’d love to hear it! Always looking for good recommendations. Happy Freaking Friday

Hard Pass — December 8, 2021

Hard Pass

Listing my top 5 favorite books was a challenge. Listing books I didn’t like was not so hard even though I couldn’t quite get 5. Some of these are controversial because so many people seemed to loooove them. Those ones always spark the best discussions!

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern ~ I wanted so badly to love this book. I was so excited because I loved The Night Circus so much and it did not deliver. It started out so promising. A boy see’s a door and almost turns the handle but doesn’t. Years later he’s mysteriously invited to a party which takes him on a wild adventure of opening doors that don’t look real and falling down into a world he never knew existed. Filled with magic and mystery I was excited for the first part. But then it felt like being in a fun house. One that’s kind of scary. The kind that feels like it should be fun but leaves you uneasy and you can’t find the way out. It just kept going and going and I had to look up spoilers because I couldn’t finish it. I made it about 90% and realized there’s too many books to be read to keep reading something I’m not enjoying.

Four Winds by Kristen Hannah ~ This one is controversial because it was talked about so much everywhere. I hated this book. I don’t know if its because of things I’m going through in my own life or if its because of the pandemic but things are depressing enough. I appreciate that it was a real historical event. I really do. But this story of a woman living during the Dust Bowl and having one tragedy after another happen only for things to get worse and worse and worse was so painful I had to skim to the end. Which wasn’t any better!!!!! Nearly everyone else I’ve talked to loved this book so don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. But when you are so depressed and lying in bed wondering what the purpose of life is, text me. I don’t sleep. I’ll recommend a romantic comedy book that will make you giggle and want to fall in love.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman ~ People have said that this book is significantly better as an audiobook because of the accents and the way you can feel the story a bit better. I respect that and was tempted to not even add it to the list. But since I disliked it so much I don’t want to listen to the audio, on the list it goes. I liked Eleanor herself. Socially awkward mixed with some anxiety and deeper issues. She was fine and I liked when she met Raymond from work. Their friendship/relationship seemed fine to me but the pace was extremely slow. I didn’t find myself incredibly attached to the characters and found I was play games on my phone and watching more reality TV than normal (I know, it was bad). From what I understand there is a twist at that seemed to grab everyone’s attention but I didn’t make it that far. So if you are interested I recommend the audio version.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon ~ Once we are over the shock and gasps of me not loving this series we can continue to be friends. I haven’t read the series. I haven’t even finished the first book. I got lost in the time travel and it was way too slow to start for me. I’m sure it really is great and maybe it’s one of those books I should pick up another time and will fall in love with it. But I’ve had it on my kindle for a while and no matter how many times I’ve already tried I can’t get in to. I’ll watch the show. Except I probably wont. We can still be friends right?

Favorite Audiobooks — December 6, 2021

Favorite Audiobooks

I love audiobooks. I’m more productive when I listen and to be honest 85% of the time I like listening to someone talk more than I like listening to music. I’m now at a new job where I can get my work done while listening to and audiobook. I started out with podcasts and while I like those its not always enough.

There’s a debate on whether or not “listening” to a book counts as reading a book. You got the information didn’t you? You know the story and we can have a conversation about it right? Yes. To me it counts. That doesn’t mean all audiobooks are equal and its really doesn’t mean all narrators are good.

But here’s a list of my favorite audiobooks. So far.

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ I loved this book so much!!! With a full cast of narrators and an interview style of book I felt like I was listening to a real interview of the band. I know there was talk of it being loosely based on Fleetwood Mac and I don’t know if that’s true or not but in my head its 100% true. Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll had me sitting in my car not wanting to go to work because I wanted to keep listening. Then wanted to quit work and become a rock star. I don’t have the talent for that and being a groupie just sound icky. I think this audiobook is a good transition for people looking to switch from podcast and get into audiobooks.

Code Name Helene by Ariel Lawhon ~ Okay… I don’t know how to let you know my thoughts on this without sounding like a total perv. This story was brilliant. Yes another WWII book but with such different eyes. I love love love WWII that shows womens roll in the war. No I’m not a feminist. Sorry. I support all women but that’s a topic for another time.

The accents in this book are amazing the male narrator, I need to look up who he is, because whew his voice… so sexy I lost track of the story line more than once. I loved the way the main character used lipstick as sort of uniform. She was so inspiring yet relatable. I just may have to listen to this one again.

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn ~ I love this author I really do. This story took me a little longer to get through. I don’t exactly know why. I think it started out slow but once I was in I was hooked!

Last WWII I’ll talk about for a while but at least this one is from a completely different point of view! This is about 3 women who helped crack German military codes. The story goes back and forth from 1940 when they were cracking codes to 1947 when they’ve been torn apart by tragedies of war and secrets have torn them apart. They must come together once again to figure out who betrayed them while cracking codes and set things right. I really don’t know how to do a good overview (I’ll work on it). But I grew so attached to these 3 girls and cried real tears at my desk at work. While there were slow parts overall it made the top 3 favorites list anyway. I would like a sequel so I could get more of these girls.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson ~ Yup I choose a celebrity book. Two infact although both are very different. I loved her story! So much more than I thought and I’m really glad I took a chance. However I will have to say that listening to her get choked up while reading was really hard form. My heart went out to her on so many levels. I loved her music and really loved her sisters music so hearing her story was fascinating to me. Full disclosure I listened to it on super speed most of the time because her voice was a little much for me… singing – fine. Talking? Not so much. But it was a great listen and I have a whole new respect for her.

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea’s family friends ~ I listened to this a long time ago and was cracking up the entire time! Not a book I would necessarily choose now because she’s been pretty vocal about politics and well….we don’t agree. So I’m glad I listened before things like that became a big issue for me.

Hearing the jokes she played on them and the amount of time she let them go reminds me of my mom and my husband! They are both huge pranksters and love the long game. My husband has been thinking of Christmas gift pranks since before Halloween!

I remember driving to San Francisco with my mom and trying to make her listen to some of these stories with me. She wasn’t having it but I was peeing my pants laughing. So if you’re looking for a light fun, also kind of mean, friendship audiobook this is an oldie but a goodie.

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